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welcome to newage drilling solutions incorporated

New Age Drilling Solutions Inc. provides professional, fully equipped, leading-edge diamond drilling services to mining and mineral exploration projects. Our mission is to work with integrity with all of our partners in the drilling industry! By staying true to this mission, we have created a network of equipment, transportation, technology and financial management experts we can depend on to make sure our projects are successful and completed as scheduled.

We specialize in drilling deep holes in some of the toughest ground in the world in extreme environmental conditions. By having a large inventory of ancillary vehicles, side-by-sides, a snow cat, excavators, and heavy duty equipment, we can provide extra support to our Clients to get the drilling projects completed in any terrain. 

"New Age has been great partners - they took on a tough drill job and worked collaboratively with us to make the program a huge success."

- Brandon Macdonald CEO, Fireweed Zinc.

New Age’s group of partners includes First Nations partners and reconciliation is at the core of our relationships. Among the management team, there is over 50 years in the construction and diamond drilling businesses and over 20 years in health and safety programming.

Working with Gosselin Health & Safety Consulting, New Age has developed a completely on-line safety system.  All policies, forms, reports and audits are now done in Site Docs.  This investment will ensure that our Company Culture is aligned with our Safety Vision: "Safety Requires Accountability".  

We strive to create an injury and harassment-free work place wherever our workers go.  By investing in worker training and providing fully refurbished or new equipment at the start of each project, we bring our A-game to every Client we work for

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Professional Service



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Digital Managment Software

New Age Drilling has implemented a new digital management software for the 2024 drilling season. Our system combines all areas of safety, production, inventory and human resources ensuring all levels of staff communicate efficiently and have access to all resources needed to complete our projects safe and efficiently. 

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Our Drills

Our Drills

Zinex A5

The A5 is one of the industry's most proven drilling rigs when it comes to fly and skid work. With a depth capacity of 1,200m NQ and ultra-fast rod pulling abilities the drill is effective on any project. New Age A5's are also plug and play with our other accessories including PQ size head and foot clamps, rod manipulators, steel fold up & slide out drill shacks, 15ft tube tower package. 


• Plug and play accessories on hand  

• Skid & Helicopter Transport  

• Synchronized head and foot clamp   

• Handsfree Rod Pull & lower


Our fleet of Discovery 1.5 drills are designed to be lightweight helicopter portable drills with the ability to fit into fixed wing planes without sacrificing hole depth. The rig can be broken down into picks weighing less than 1100 lbs. while having the ability to reach 700m NQ (HQ 350) and deeper if reducing.



• Lightweight Module Design  

• Designed for Helicopter Transport  

• No Module Over 1100 lbs.  

• Drills BQ, NQ and HQ

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Hydracore 2000

The Hydracore 2000 drill rig is a low maintenance, lightweight fly drill available from New Age in 2 configurations. New Age runs the single engine model and a dual engine system depending on weight restrictions for helicopter jobs. The HC 2000 drills 10ft BQ to HQ has a depth capacity of 1400 NQ/850m HQ



• Single or Dual engine options  

• Piston style foot clamp  

• New 2024 model  

• 3860 lbs total weight


With a depth capacity of 1525m NQ the EF-50 is built for deeper depths while keeping a small footprint. The drill comes fully equipped with 4 corner leveling jacks, rod manipulator, telescoping mast, live hydraulics for raising and lowering mast, self-spooling wireline with camera & viewing monitor.



• Rod Manipulator  

• Self leveling jacks  

• Telescoping tower 

• 12volt indoor / outdoor Lighting 





NewAge Drilling Solutions’ (NewAge) focus on work place safety is rooted in our core values of commitment, integrity, teamwork and respect.

NewAge is uncompromising in their commitment to safety. We are dedicated to a safe worksites for everyone. Employees are trained on safe operating procedures for heli exploration and skid drilling operations, occupational health and safety policies and all emergency response plans. New Age proactively uses job-specific hazards analysis to protect our employees, clients, contractors, the public, property and environment.

NewAge’s commitment to upgrading and maintaining all equipment equips employees with up to date safety features. By encouraging and rewarding innovation at all levels of the organization, New Age designs drilling systems that are field-tested to deliver the maximum results possible.

NewAge’s management team demonstrates integrity in the safety management system by continually reviewing and revising our occupational health & safety policies and emergency plans. Teamwork is central in every aspect of the safety system and we include all of our stakeholders’ input to keep everyone safe.

All employees are aware of NewAge’s Drug and Alcohol Policy which includes monitoring and enforcement procedures.  New Age’s robust Incidents and Near Misses Strategy includes employee training on-time reporting and documentation to identify hazards and trends as early as possible.
Finally, NewAge expects everyone to treat both themselves and others with respect. With that in mind, clear policies and procedures are in place, based on applicable legislation, to prevent workplace violence, harassment or discrimination.


Professional Service



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